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Ikariam is a free browser game. The player`s challenge is to lead a people through the ancient world. To build towns, trade and conquer islands.

DOFUS is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. You'll find a description of this free MMORPG's characters here.

FFXI Auction House Online

SG Interactive - A Web Based Pokemon Role Playing Game that lets you explore maps, catch pokemon, train and battle them.

Ikariam is a free browser game. The player`s challenge is to lead nation through the ancient world. And to build towns, trade and conquer islands.

Combat Grounds is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. Players can choose one of three characters: Terrorist, Soldier or Navy Seal. They can build armies, recruit friends, buy weapons, spy on and attack each other.

EVE-Online: Steuere dein Raumschiff durch ein fantastisches Universum mit atemberaubenden Grafiken. Kampf, Handel und Unterhaltung mit mehr als 300.000 Spielern in einem Universum.

Multiplayer game. In this free game you see your character grow in an aztec clan, in Mexico just before the Conquest. Craftsman, warrior or Emperor, you contribute at any level in the society.

Journey into an alternate history with Uprising Empires - A Completely New MMORTS Game! No Download Required.

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Multiplayer medieval role-play game. In this free game, you see your character develop within a community. Craftsman, Warrior or Duke, you will find a way to contribute to society.

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The Ringsf or Orbis is a science fiction role playing game based on the sci-fi novel by PJ Haarsma: The Softwire Virus On Orbis 1. Kids can play games, meet friends and own aliens.

Dungeons and Dragons resources; free RPG resources including dungeons and dragons adventures, player listings, D&D links and more.

Outwar MMORPG is a free online role playing game that does not require a download. Explore a fully developed world filled with creatures, quests and rare items. Build your unique character by defeating enemies, leveling up, obtaining new skills and by joi

Shadowtale is an amazing FREE massively multiplayer Role Playing Game (MMORPG) you can play right from your web browser. Click here and you can start playing right now! Shadow tale.

The legends of kung fu is a kung fu themed text based online rpg